Op/Ed blogging – Blog #1 – Monday

The Divisional Playoffs were held this weekend and it was full of exciting, close, high scoring games! The first game played was the Denver Broncos vs. the Baltimore Ravens. The Denver Broncos were heavily favored to win this game because they were the #1 seed in the AFC, previously won 12 straight, and had Hall of Famer Peyton Manning as their quarterback. This game was a back in forth and went all the way to double overtime to decide the winner, which was the Baltimore Ravens getting a huge upset over the Denver Broncos. The next game that night was the Green Bay Packers vs. the San Francisco 49ers. The game started out with Colin Kaepernick throwing a pick six to Sam Shields, and Packers started out ahead. But the Green Bay Defense could not stop Colin Kaepernick anymore and he broke the all-time QB Rushing record with over 170 yards on the ground! The 49ers finished the game with dominance and ended up winning 45-31. On Sunday the first game that was held was the Atlanta Falcons vs. the Seattle Seahawks. The game started out on the Falcons side who took a 20-0 lead at half, capitalizing on all of Seattle’s Mistakes. The second half started out different with Seattle scoring 20 unanswered points and made it a game! The Falcons ended up pulling the game out with Matt Ryan throwing 2 clutch throws with 30 seconds left to get Atlanta in field goal position! The last game of the night was the New England Patriots vs. the Houston Texans. The Patriots were predicted to destroy the Texans like they did the Monday night game earlier this year, and the predictions were right. The Patriots offense was unstoppable and scored over 45 points giving the Patriots their 2nd trip to the AFC Championship in 2 years!

These games were way different than I expected. My predictions on the games were for Broncos to win, Seahawks to win, Patriots to win, and the 49ers to win. I went 50/50 on my predictions and I was surprised by a lot of teams and how they played. First, I want to give big props to the Baltimore Ravens who took out the believed “Best NFL Team” and Joe Flacco who takes a lot of blame, outplayed the great Peyton Manning and led the Ravens to a tough road victory over the Broncos. The Denver defense was greatly exposed and gave up over 38 points to a usual lower scoring Ravens team. Hall of Famer Champ Bailey was getting burnt in coverage over and over by Torrey Smith and got 3 huge catches. During the 49ers game, I expected the 49ers to win, but not as dominant of performance as they had. Colin Kaepernick played out of his mind creating over 450 yards of offense by himself. He made the Green Bay Packers defense look terrible and every one on the Packers team looked confused. I predict the 49ers to get to the super-bowl this year in easy fashion and win over the Falcons in the NFC Championship game. The Falcons vs. Seahawks game went a lot different than I thought it would. I felt that the Seahawks would win by at least a touchdown but Atlanta proved me wrong. Their defense shut the Seahawks down during the first half, and that’s what ultimately decided the game. Matt Ryan also had a few very clutch throws to lead them to a victory. I don’t think they stand a chance vs. the 49ers though. My prediction on the Patriots vs. Texans game was spot on. I said that they would destroy the Texans and that is exactly what happened. The Texans had no answer for the Patriots Offense even after losing their best Tight end “Rob Gronkowski”. I expect the Patriots to make it to the Super-bowl this year against the 49ers.

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End of 2012 List

Top 10 NFL Players of the 2012-2013 Season – By: Alec Anthony

2012 was definitely a crazy year in the NFL, from week to week there was 100% excitement and controversy from the “Fail Mary” Packers, Seahawks game to Adrian Peterson coming only 9 yards away from breaking the all time record but beating the packers to make the playoffs. There has been 3 Rookies who’ve taken their teams to the playoffs and many teams exceeding expectations. Peyton Manning, coming back from one of the worst injury’s possible has lead the Broncos to a unbelievable season and teams have been relentless! 2012 Has definitely been a fantastic year for football!


-Criteria/Requirements: Being a game/team changing player-


This is currently a list for the Top 10 Overall best players in the NFL from the 2012-2013 Season! If I could include more players to this list I would, but unfortunately I cant, so here’s my “Didn’t but Definitely-could have made list” Players: Robert Griffin III, Calvin Johnson, Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Alfred Morris, Aldon Smith, Richard Sherman, Rob Gronkowski.


10.             Marshawn Lynch – Marshawn Lynch also known as “Beast Mode” has led the last years 8-8 Seahawks to a 11-5 record, and has taken them to the playoffs! He’s currently 3rd in the league in total rushing yards and has led the Seahawks to the #2 rushing offense in the NFL. Marshawn Lynch is one of the most violent running backs that never goes down the first hit, he’s had an amazing year and deserves to be on the list!


9.             Von Miller – Von Miller is one of the most dynamic linemen in the game today, he’s a hard hitting, athletic, and motivated player. Currently he has 17.5 sacks on the season and has lead the Broncos defense to the #3 defense this year, he makes an impact on every play causing double teams by the other teams offensive linemen and still getting the crazy numbers he has!


8            . Tony Gonzalez – Tony Gonzales has been in the league 16 years, and is still putting up All-Star numbers leading the league in receptions for a Tight End. He’s lead the Falcons to a 13-3 record and the #1 Seed in a tough NFC Conference. He’s currently a lock to be in the hall of fame, and is still at the top of his game!


7.            Patrick Willis – Patrick Willis, one of the hardest hitting, pure tacklers in the NFL is currently the top linebacker in the NFL, he’s lead the 49ers to a 12-4 Record with a first round playoff-bye and made the 49ers the #1 Rushing Defense in the NFL.  He’s the old Ray Lewis reincarnated, and definitely deserves a spot on this list.


6.             A.J. Green – A.J. Green has only been in the league 2 years, and is already on a pace to have a better career than the all-time greatest receiver “Jerry Rice”. He’s lead the Bengals to their second playoff birth in a row and is currently leading the league in touchdowns with 14. He is a monster, and un-guardable by any cornerback.  He deserves to be on this list because of the impact he’s made on his team, and hasn’t token a step back since he’s came in the NFL.


5.            Tom Brady – Tom Brady, the 3 time Super-bowl winner has lead the Patriots to another phenomenal season, throwing for over 4800 yards, taking the patriots to a 12-4 record and a 1st round playoff bye. He’s been terrific this season and hasn’t taken a step down despite his age, he’s a lock for the hall of fame, and is producing like an MVP this year.


4.             J.J. Watt – J.J. Watt is by far the most dominant defensive player I’ve seen in years, he’s lead the Texans with 19.5 sacks, and 57 Quarterback hurries, setting and NFL All-time record for most Quarterback hurries, he’s the most all-around productive defense player, whether he’s stopping the run, batting down passes, or sacking the quarterback, he’s a sure lock for Defense Player of the year, and if MVP was only a defensive player pick, he would be my vote.


3.             Aaron Rodgers – Aaron Rodgers is the best example of consistency, he’s by far the most talented Quarterback in today’s game, and can pick a defense apart. He’s lead the Packers to their 3rd Playoff birth in a row, and has thrown for over 4,200 yards. He’s taken an injury-beaten team and has got them to 11 wins, despite all of the players going down and can tear apart any defense. He’s by far one of the most dangerous players in the NFL Right now.


2.             Peyton Manning- There’s not enough you can say about Peyton Manning, after coming off a season-ending injury and having over 3 neck surgery’s, he wasn’t expected to ever be the same, and maybe even never play again. Well whoever said that wasn’t lieing, he’s been better than his old-self, leading the Broncos to 12 straight wins, and the #1 Seed in the AFC. He’s put up amazing stats and they are currently the most dangerous team in the NFL right now, He’s the smartest quarterback to ever play the game, and in my opinion the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. No one plays the Quarterback position at a higher level than Peyton Manning does.


  1. Adrian Peterson- and here we have the #1 player in the NFL, the powerful, versatile, unstoppable man, known as “All Day” Adrian Peterson. After coming off an ACL,MCL Injury he was expected to never be the same, which is usually a career ending injury for a running back, everyone doubted him coming back and didn’t expect much. But with Adrian Peterson’s amazing worth ethic, strength, and motivation he came back better than he ever was an lead the Minnesota Vikings to a playoff birth after coming off a 3-13 season. He’s rushed over 2090 yards making him the 2nd all time leading rusher in a season coming off his devastating injury, he’s lead the Vikings through every game with his powerful running, and hasn’t been stopped once. He’s easily the best NFL player in the game and definitely deserves to win the MVP this year.


Social Networking

Article #1: Half of America is Using Social Networks

Article #2: Technology Is Changing How Students Learn

Article #3: The Facebook Resisters

Your post should include explanations of and commentary on the following topics:

  • What social networking outlets do you use?
  • Explain the purpose, for you personally, of different social networks.
  • What are some local/national/global trends in social networking that are of interest to you?
  • Who are you paying attention to in the social network universe?
  • What is the difference between social networking and real-life interactions?
  • What thought do you put into what you are posting/reading?

1. What social networking outlets do you use? The Social Networks that I currently use are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. i use these almost every day of my life. I go on these Social Networking websites on my iPhone and I also use them on my computer at home!

2. Explain the purpose, for you personally, of different social networks. The purpose for me of different Social Networks is for communication and news. I use all these social networks for basically the same reason. I get all of my daily news / reading from the articles and news reports on Twitter & Facebook. I also use these to communicate with others and get plans together using Facebook chat. It is also very good for commenting on each others status’s and getting to know my about my friend’s life a little more!

3. What are some local/national/global trends in social networking that are of interest to you? The local/national/global trends in social networking that interest me are the “Twitter hash-tag trends” These trends are used during my tweets whenever I want to form an opinion on whatever the popular trend that is going on at the time! Another trend that interests me are using Games on Facebook. There are some fun games that I play on Facebook such as Texas Hold-em Poker & Mafia Wars. They are very entertaining & very addicting.

4.Who are you paying attention to in the social network universe? In the Social Networking universe I am paying attention to many Athletes, Celebrity’s, Parody Accounts, News feed, and a lot of my friends! I pay attention to all of these people because i like hearing their opinions and what they have to say! It is very interesting to read and keeps me entertained for a while!

5. What is the difference between social networking and real-life interactions? The main difference between social networking and real-life interactions is how much easier it is to tell people and share opinions on social networking. Many people say things they wouldn’t say to people in real life or share opinions they wouldn’t share on social networking sites, making it a lot different. It is a lot more different that real life interactions because you’re actually using your voice to talk to them and using hand-motions and body motions and you wouldn’t say everything you do online!

6. What thought do you put into what you are posting/reading? I usually put some thought Into what I’m posting because I don’t want to offend any family members or friends & I want to sound funny or smart! I don’t just post anything and leave it out there because everyone in your family can see it and hold it on you that you said it! A lot of information I post is mostly Information on sports that I’m watching or Trending Topics that I leave opinions about! 

Additionally, post your current Facebook profile picture and list the who, what, where, when of that photo. Tell why that was the photo you chose and how that is an accurate portrayal of your image.


ImageWho: This is a photo of my mom, my sister and Me!

Where: We we’re at the restaurant “The Red-Wood Room” in downtown Rochester!

What: We we’re going out to eat for my Sister’s 19th birthday and decided to take a nice picture of our family outing.

Why: I have this is my Facebook profile picture because it is an all around positive picture that makes me look like a family-oriented guy who likes to have a good time and goes out to fancy restaurants!

This Photo portrays me as a nice, well-dressed guy that has a happy family! There’s no negative thing about it!

When the above post is completed, take a closer look at social networking outlets you use on a regular basis. Use yourself as the speaker and fill in the rest (audience, content, occasion, media, purpose) accordingly. Your responses for each element should show complete thought, not simply a bulleted list. The main Social Networking Site I use is twitter! The Audience of my twitter is all of my followers which are my friends, my cousins, my aunts and uncles, and a few celebrity’s that all want to hear what I have to say on a daily basis. The content I post includes Sports News, Trends, Funny Quotes, Retweets, and personal opinions on certain things! The Occasion of me posting is about 4 times a day on an average and it’s usually during the night when I’m at home on my computer or laying in my bed on my iPhone at night! The media that I follow are many news posting sites such as CNN, NBC, and ESPN, and also many Celebrity’s and Athlete’s that have interesting things to say! My purpose of posting is to make enjoyable posts that make people think and laugh, and interesting news that I want all of my followers to know and enjoy what they are reading!