Op/Ed blogging – Blog #6 – Extra Credit – Monday

The NFC / AFC Championships happened this weekend and a lot of surprises came in it. The NFC Championship game was the 49ers vs the Falcons. The Falcons started off the came strong, on the opening drive, Matt Ryan, Quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons threw a 56 yard pass to Julio Jones to start the game out with a THUD! They then finished the half scoring 24 points to only the 49ers scoring 7. The second half results were completely different! The 49ers looked unstoppable the second half of the game scoring over 21 unanswered points and the defense stopped Matt Ryan on every drive. They looked like Superbowl champions the way they finished the game and deserved to be in the Superbowl. The AFC Championship game was the biggest surprise, the 9.5 point favorites ‘New England Patriots” came into this game expecting to blowout the Ravens, this went the opposite way, the Ravens dominated this game from the beginning to the end, shutting down the NFL’s #1 offense to only 13 points. They have now beat Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady to get into the Superbowl!

I was also very surprised about these games. I expected the Patriots to easily beat the Ravens, but they proved me wrong. They played with their heart and soul and looked like they were there for a reason. They stunned the patriots croud with their defense dominance! The NFC game went more like I expected, I expected the 49ers to finish the Falcons because of their defensive dominance, and that is just what they did. My prediction in the superbowl is that the Ravens will beat the 49ers giving Ray Lewis his last ring to retire with. They play with so much heart and soul, that it would prove me wrong to bet against them again! I Believe they proved they are good enough to win the Superbowl!

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