Final Exam

I believe English in the 21st Century is all “modern-day” ways of communication. It ranges from Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter to Reality Shows like Teen Mom and Man vs. Wild. Things we do every-day like reading magazines to getting the daily newspaper is also modern day English. Our lifestyles are all based on modern-day English from the moment we wake up, to the moment we fall asleep; we are in some way participating in English in the 21st Century. Our need for understanding communication today is vital. The ways of communication have deeply changed from the ways it used to be, and is now overwhelmed with Text Messages, Social Media Websites, and Skype. Using these things are ways of understanding 21st English and the unique new ways of communication. It would definitely be hard to survive without these modern ways of communication and saves us an extreme amount of time. English has changed a lot from how it used to be. Back in the “old days” the only way of communicating was from writing letters, and the only way to exchange ideas to the public was to write books / columns in the newspaper. All things about past traditional English was documented through books. There is a huge difference to how it was then, and how it is now. Now we communicate and spread ideas in a lot different ways to how we used to!

Explanation of the 6 elements of communication –

1. Speaker – The speaker is the initiator of the communication. This is the person who creates the type of communication for the audience to understand. They are the ones who came up with the idea, and create a clear, understandable message. An example of a speaker is Stephen Lambert, who created the show Undercover Bosses.2. Audience – The Audience is the group of people receiving the communication of the speaker. They are the ones listening and analyzing what the speaker is communicating. An example of an audience is us. When we are watching a TV show we are analyzing and understanding what is happening, and what is being communicated back and forth!

3. Content –  The Content is the information that is being told in the form of communication. It is the in depth ideas of the communicator and is leaving the audience to have a understanding of the communication. An example of content is the harsh survival conditions of the rain forest that Bear Grylllz is teaching you to survive in, in the show Man vs. Wild.

4. Media – Media is the genre of the information that is being communicated. Different types of information can be put into different genres that can be understood in different ways. An example of Media is that the show “Under-Cover Boss” is a real-life drama genre!

5. Occasion – Occasion is why or when was the information created for this form of communication. This explains the history or why the type of communication began. An example of this is the “Funny Face Prank” video by Ed Bassmaster was created on January 18th, 2009 and that’s a month after he created his YouTube Account.

6. Purpose – Purpose is the reason the information is being told by the communicator. The information was created for a specified reason and was made because of something or someone. An example of purpose is that in the “EdBassMaster” Funny Face video his purpose of making the video was to show the funny reactions of the store-workers and to get laughs and views and to show his cool prank he invented himself!

Units of Study:

1. Blogging –  This applies to English in the 21st century because we our sharing our thoughts and ideas. When writing our blogs, we are using our ideas to communicate to the reader our opinions on certain topics. This is 21st Century English because we are communicating to the audience our personal ideas / opinions on whatever we feel like writing at the time. This is almost the same thing as writing a book, but in a different way because it’s usually not in that form, but more of an every day to day information type of form!

2.  Music – This applies to English in the 21st century because music is another form of a literature. Music is the specific form of writing that is made to share ideas on topics. It is made poetically to send listeners a specific message, and to gain something out of it. This is another huge form of communication because all most everyone in the world listens to music but most of them don’t understand that it is almost like reading an article, because you are hearing a message ,interpreting it, and then understanding it , which fits in to the idea of 21st English.

3. Reality TV – This is a form of 21st Century English because of the real-life scenarios. It is simulating and showing real people doing things that an everyday person could be doing, and creating it into a TV show that isn’t acting. Meaning this is all actually happening and the things in the show are all real. We are gaining knowledge from watching this because we are analyzing all the different things happening and are watching different things people are doing in real life. This is 21st English because we are gaining a message from it, and gaining ideas from watching the certain shows and how they are!





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