Op/Ed blogging – Blog #5 – Friday

The NBA All-Star voting lineups has just been yesterday and there’s been much controversy on who and who shouldn’t have made it. For the East the starting point guard is the Boston Celtics “Rajon Rondo” who received 924,000 votes. He’s averaged over 11 assists a game which is by far leading the league. The starting forward for the east is reigning MVP “Lebron James” who received the 3rd most votes out of all players. The biggest controversial player in the east was “Kevin Garnett” who has been having a mediocre year in his standards and hasn’t produced all star numbers. There is many people who are mad that he’s starting and think there should be a replacement for him. In the west the starting point-guard is Chris Paul who recieved over a million votes and has played like an all-star all year leading the Clippers to the best record in the NBA. Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant received the most votes in the entire all-star class and deserved to be, both are the top 2 scorers in the NBA. Another Controversial player in the west was Dwight Howard, who hasn’t been too outstanding for the Lakers, and received over 900,000 votes. But the most controversial player who made the All-Star squad was Jeremy Lin. The Sensation of the NBA last year who had a span of 20 games where he produced all-star numbers, has mostly faded away. He’s only averaged 11 points a game and 5 assists as a point guard and mostly got all the votes from his extremely large fan base. Jeremy Lin even admitted himself he didn’t deserve to be an All-Star in 2013.

I think the NBA All-Star game is mostly a popularity contest and Jeremy Lin getting in proved it. The most well known / liked players always get voted in every year even though their stats show they don’t deserve to be playing in it. Kevin Garnett who’s one of my favorite players of all time; didn’t deserve to be in the All-Star game this year, he simply got put in because of his past stats / accomplishments and it aggrivates me because there’s so many unrecognized players that should have been voted in instead of him. Dwight Howard is another play that is way overrated this year and people also voted him because of his popularity .The Lakers are currently below .500 record and might not even make the playoffs this year and Dwight Howard is one of the problems. Him and Kobe are not playing well together and he’s still recovering from his past injuries, which means he shouldn’t have been voted in. But the worst one voted in at all, his Jeremy Lin. His huge fan base is the only reason he’s an all-star this year and shouldn’t have been put in the game. He has a terrible turn-over ratio this year and his stats have been below average for a starting point-guard. So many people voted for him because of the great games he had last season and he’s no where close to producing those numbers this year, his teammate James Harden I believe should be in there instead of him, who’s carried the Houston Rockets to 21 Wins.

Sources: (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1488932-jeremy-lin-admits-that-he-shouldnt-be-an-all-star-in-2013, http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1488039-complete-nba-all-star-starting-lineups-announced/page/11)


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