Op/Ed blogging – Blog #4 – Thursday

Manti’ Teo, the Middle Linebacker for Notre Dame College who was a runner-up in the heisman, and lead his team to an undeafeted regular season, was just found to be in the biggest hoax in sports history. Many College Football fans heard the story that his Grandma and “Girlfriend” died the same week,  and he still played through all this greif, and he was one of the most well respected college players in the game.  Yesterday, a news story came out that Manti Teo’s girlfriend never existed and he faked that she died to get more sympathy and heisman Votes. In post game interviews he always said he did it for his girlfriend and how much he loved her, but now everyone finds out he w as lieing. He was going to be a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft, but now many teams will most likely pass on him for this, and it will greatly hurt his draft stock. The Media also recently found out that his “girlfriends” pictures were fakes off someone elses profile pictures, and it was confirmed by the girl who’s pictures it was, who lived in California. This will hurt the Notre Dame Organization a lot, because right now they our backing him up, when he’s already been found guility.

When I read this article, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I watched so many Notre Dame games cheering for Manti Teo and I loved watching him play. I now I found out that he lied about his girlfriend dieing to get heisman votes and sympathy? That’s one of the lowest thing you can do and he should be ashamed. I don’t even think he should get drafted by a team, because if I was a GM, I would not take a person who does this type of stuff, especially something that low. Even if he wasn’t taken in the 7th round, I still wouldn’t pick him. Many of the College Fans are in disbelief that he would ever do something like that and many are in denial that it is a lie. But reports confirmed this was true. Now I’m very glad Johny Manziel won heisman instead of Manti Teo because I believe this is karma for what he did. He should be ashamed for his actions, and apologize to the public for such a horrible hoax he pulled, he was looked up to by so many and now this is his new public image.


Sources: (http://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-sn-manti-teo-hoax-20130117,0,373759.story, http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2013/01/17/hawaii-hometown-backs-manti-teo-after-girlfriend-hoax/1841809/)


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