Op/Ed blogging – Blog #3– Wednesday

The Minnesota Vikings finished 2012 with an extremely successful season despite having the 2nd to worst record (3-13) and improved to 10-6, with a playoff birth! There were many positive moments from a season a lot of people thought we would be terrible, but the vikings had a lot to prove! Even after this successful season, there were still many areas on improve on including adding a #1 reciever to compliment harvin and to be a down-field threat, a solid Middle-Linebacker to cover the middle of the field, and to run-stop, a shut-down corner to replace the aging Antoine Winfield, who is retiring soon, and a few solid Run-Blocking offensive guards to block for the best Running Back in the NFL. The Vikings still are a few pieces short of a superbowl win, but if we have another succesful draft like last year, you cannot count the Vikings out. Vikings currently are the second-youngest team in the NFL, so there’s only a way up from here. They rookies will only get more experience, and will play even better than they have, and AP will be solid, like he is every-year.

I believe the Vikings are going to be a super-bowl contender next year if we fix our biggest problem; we have no wide recievers. Outside of Percy Harvin, our best reciever is the inconsistent Jerome Simpson who had no touchdowns the whole year. We don’t have one down-field threat to stretch the defense out on our whole team. If we got a wide reciver with those abilities, it would also help Adrian Peterson because the safeties would have to play in the back-field instead of lining up in the box to stop an Adrian Peterson run. We also need some more defensive backs to help our secondary. Our 2012 secondary, which was much improved from our 2011 one who gave up the most touchdowns in the NFL, still could get better. I agree that we need a shut-down corner to cover the great wide recivers in our division we have to play twice a year, including Megatron, Brandon Marshal, and Jordy Nelson. These recievers are all very dominant and always find a way to get open. A position I feel we need that was not included in the article is another dominant defense tackle to help Kevin Williams. Kevin Williams is constantly getting double-teamed, so if we got another dominant defense tackle, it would help our run game even more and make the defense not be able to double team Kevin Williams. If we fix all these problems in the draft and free angency, I believe the Minnesota Vikings will be the 2014 Superbowl Champions next year!

Sources:( http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1484372-5-most-compelling-vikings-storylines-for-the-2013-offseason, http://www.examiner.com/article/minnesota-vikings-2013-offseason-needs?cid=rss)


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