Op/Ed blogging – Blog #1 – Monday

The Divisional Playoffs were held this weekend and it was full of exciting, close, high scoring games! The first game played was the Denver Broncos vs. the Baltimore Ravens. The Denver Broncos were heavily favored to win this game because they were the #1 seed in the AFC, previously won 12 straight, and had Hall of Famer Peyton Manning as their quarterback. This game was a back in forth and went all the way to double overtime to decide the winner, which was the Baltimore Ravens getting a huge upset over the Denver Broncos. The next game that night was the Green Bay Packers vs. the San Francisco 49ers. The game started out with Colin Kaepernick throwing a pick six to Sam Shields, and Packers started out ahead. But the Green Bay Defense could not stop Colin Kaepernick anymore and he broke the all-time QB Rushing record with over 170 yards on the ground! The 49ers finished the game with dominance and ended up winning 45-31. On Sunday the first game that was held was the Atlanta Falcons vs. the Seattle Seahawks. The game started out on the Falcons side who took a 20-0 lead at half, capitalizing on all of Seattle’s Mistakes. The second half started out different with Seattle scoring 20 unanswered points and made it a game! The Falcons ended up pulling the game out with Matt Ryan throwing 2 clutch throws with 30 seconds left to get Atlanta in field goal position! The last game of the night was the New England Patriots vs. the Houston Texans. The Patriots were predicted to destroy the Texans like they did the Monday night game earlier this year, and the predictions were right. The Patriots offense was unstoppable and scored over 45 points giving the Patriots their 2nd trip to the AFC Championship in 2 years!

These games were way different than I expected. My predictions on the games were for Broncos to win, Seahawks to win, Patriots to win, and the 49ers to win. I went 50/50 on my predictions and I was surprised by a lot of teams and how they played. First, I want to give big props to the Baltimore Ravens who took out the believed “Best NFL Team” and Joe Flacco who takes a lot of blame, outplayed the great Peyton Manning and led the Ravens to a tough road victory over the Broncos. The Denver defense was greatly exposed and gave up over 38 points to a usual lower scoring Ravens team. Hall of Famer Champ Bailey was getting burnt in coverage over and over by Torrey Smith and got 3 huge catches. During the 49ers game, I expected the 49ers to win, but not as dominant of performance as they had. Colin Kaepernick played out of his mind creating over 450 yards of offense by himself. He made the Green Bay Packers defense look terrible and every one on the Packers team looked confused. I predict the 49ers to get to the super-bowl this year in easy fashion and win over the Falcons in the NFC Championship game. The Falcons vs. Seahawks game went a lot different than I thought it would. I felt that the Seahawks would win by at least a touchdown but Atlanta proved me wrong. Their defense shut the Seahawks down during the first half, and that’s what ultimately decided the game. Matt Ryan also had a few very clutch throws to lead them to a victory. I don’t think they stand a chance vs. the 49ers though. My prediction on the Patriots vs. Texans game was spot on. I said that they would destroy the Texans and that is exactly what happened. The Texans had no answer for the Patriots Offense even after losing their best Tight end “Rob Gronkowski”. I expect the Patriots to make it to the Super-bowl this year against the 49ers.

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