Facebook in the news

http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/09/on-facebook-bullies-like-if-you-hate/, In this article, it is about a boy who was cyber-bullied in his school on Facebook. One of the bullies posted a status on facebook saying “Like this status if you hate (Insert name here) and it got over 57 likes. This definitely took a toll on the kid knowing that 57 people in his school hate him. He now doesn’t feel liked and is another victim of cyber-bullying because of this. His mom found out and she was furious and tried to help her son about this. In society today, there is definitely a huge problem dealing with cyber-bullying. Millions of people are bullied daily on social networking sites and it’s definitely taking a toll on society. Now students are getting bullied even outside of school and there’s nothing they can do to get away from it. This means that people are cyber-bullying are going to keep doing this because they are getting away with it because it is on a social networking site, and is keeping it mostly private between the students at the school.


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