Facebook in the news

http://www.startribune.com/local/179597611.html?refer=y – In this article, a kid who posted a picture of him holding a “Vote No” sign on Facebook was denied conformation in his catholic church because they didn’t approve of this. This started a major controversy within the church and the public. Many other kids from the church liked this photo he posted, but they were not denied conformation like he was. His mother said that they weren’t going to return to the church if they were going to be that district, even though that is the church she was confirmed at! This single picture posted so much controversy because it went against his churches beliefs and it got around in the church that he posted this and it single-handedly denied him confirmation. I think it is very important to consider the effects of a post because what you post, means you want everyone of your friends on Facebook, to see what you posted! He could have very much not posted it and kept his views to himself, but it did not happen! I think there is a lot of separation between your Facebook identity and real life, because many people are a lot more vocal in person than on Facebook and vice versa. But I still believe it overall definitely effects your identity in a certain way.


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