Social Networking (Facebook Profile Picture)


My purpose of publishing/writing status’s on Social Networking sites is to clear all of my thoughts and write opinions on what I’m currently thinking at the time! I publish these because it helps me ease my mind and share my opinion to other people and share my ideas with all of my followers/friends! I post mostly about sports, my currently thoughts, Ideas i think about, My political opinions, etc! I usually post these status’s when I’m at my house alone, or when i’m in my car bored, or when I’m watching TV! All of my friends and current followers see it and I post a lot about current life situations dealing with media! My purpose is to share my thoughts that are actually interesting to other people!


Facebook in the news, In this article, it is about a boy who was cyber-bullied in his school on Facebook. One of the bullies posted a status on facebook saying “Like this status if you hate (Insert name here) and it got over 57 likes. This definitely took a toll on the kid knowing that 57 people in his school hate him. He now doesn’t feel liked and is another victim of cyber-bullying because of this. His mom found out and she was furious and tried to help her son about this. In society today, there is definitely a huge problem dealing with cyber-bullying. Millions of people are bullied daily on social networking sites and it’s definitely taking a toll on society. Now students are getting bullied even outside of school and there’s nothing they can do to get away from it. This means that people are cyber-bullying are going to keep doing this because they are getting away with it because it is on a social networking site, and is keeping it mostly private between the students at the school.

Facebook in the news – In this article, a kid who posted a picture of him holding a “Vote No” sign on Facebook was denied conformation in his catholic church because they didn’t approve of this. This started a major controversy within the church and the public. Many other kids from the church liked this photo he posted, but they were not denied conformation like he was. His mother said that they weren’t going to return to the church if they were going to be that district, even though that is the church she was confirmed at! This single picture posted so much controversy because it went against his churches beliefs and it got around in the church that he posted this and it single-handedly denied him confirmation. I think it is very important to consider the effects of a post because what you post, means you want everyone of your friends on Facebook, to see what you posted! He could have very much not posted it and kept his views to himself, but it did not happen! I think there is a lot of separation between your Facebook identity and real life, because many people are a lot more vocal in person than on Facebook and vice versa. But I still believe it overall definitely effects your identity in a certain way.

Annotation #2

1. Circle any Strong Verbs in the song that show action.

programmed, represent, offered, threw.

2. STAR any autobiographical words/phrases.

I’m from where a child’s future’s in the streets with the bums
Because it’s hard to become something so unique where I’m from,

I ain’t being cruel, these situations that I address
I more than likely could be someone you admire, yes

I don’t wanna be lonely

3. UNDERLINE examples of loaded language that show bias, exaggeration, emotion, etc.

Obama’s president, so? What’s he represent?
Just because the nigga’s half black don’t mean he’s Heaven-sent

Real artists get shelved and wack one’s get famous
To leave masses brainless, a smart mind is dangerous

Cause living’s naturally hell, you have to work to put a smile on

4. In the margin, ask two questions on material you would like clarified.

What does the “Nocturnal Rainbows” refer and what is it a metaphor to?

Why does he think Obama is bringing bad change?

Why does he refer to Michael Jackson and the illuminati?

5. MARK (D/A) any combination of four statements you either agree or disagree with.

Cause living’s naturally hell, you have to work to put a smile on: AGREE

Real artists get shelved and wack one’s get famous
To leave masses brainless, a smart mind is dangerous: Agree

Obama’s president, so? What’s he represent?
Just because the nigga’s half black don’t mean he’s Heaven-sent: Agree

Frontin’ like he’s truly Jesus: Disagree



1. Hopsin

2. All of society

3. The problems of society and how people believe in what the government is telling them

4. He is very angry and sarcastic to the way of most people’s life

5.  I definitely what he agree what he’s saying about how people throw their life away to drugs and other things and then complain that their life sucks, when its really their fault it is that way!

Viral Videos

I think Viral Videos happen because the video footage is so rare, funny, unique or different that it gains popularity fast and when watching it you tell other people about it. I think many viral videos aren’t planned, they are just making a video for fun, and it gets a lot more views then they thought they would. I think it’s crazy how famous these people making the youtube videos get from 1 video. They get a lot of fame and money for just making a simple video that goes Viral. I believe the strategies into getting a viral video are making a video unique enough for people to keep talking about and that gains popularity fast. The definition of a viral video is an unknown person makes a video that gets the whole public’s views and attention and therefore makes them “youtube” famous.