Personal Connections,

1. This relates to my life because some days I feel like doing nothing, having no motivation at all, and I wish a had a guide to pick me back up and put my on the right track.

2. What draws me to this song on a personal level is how all the lyrics can relate to anyone’s life, and gives me motivation.

3. When I need some motivation and remember to pick my self back up.

1. I wish somebody made guidelines
On how to get up off the sidelines – This means that he wish there was something that could make him have motivation and make him famous, this stands out to me because I would wish the same thing, but if there was guidelines to get off the sidelines, anyone could be famous.

2.But what they don’t understand is this is all plan
It’s a bigger picture and you can’t photoshop me out – This means that his messages in his songs have a bigger message than it seems, and there’s nothing you can do to take away from that.

3. We all got angels, we all got demons, This basically means we all act good and bad in our lives. This relates to me because the angels symbolizes acting good, and demons symbolize acting bad, and we all get off the wrong path once in a while and we all act good sometimes.

4.Hey, I’ma put us all on the map
Gone and I ain’t lookin’ back- This means he’s going to do big things and he’s not looking back, he’s just going for the goal. This relates to me because that’s exactly my same goal in life and what I plan to do

5.I put my heart and soul in this game, I’m feelin’ drained
Unappreciated, unalleviated, This means that he’s trying his hardest and no one’s appreciating what he’s doing, this relates to me because I feel the same way most of the time, like no one cares what i’m putting my heart into, they just look past it.


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